Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Insti Dating Guide

I was discussing and putting some fundaes to my friend about the places , where he can take his gf in institute. Then I realized I have explored this campus a little more and in a little better way then most of the people so I decided to share the knowledge with my fellow mates. So these are some of the places where you can take your female partner and enjoy some good time.

1.Stadium: the most obvious and the most popular place to hang out (but only with female friends). This is the most awesome place in night to sit and talk. You can see the clear sky and stars, a perfect atmosphere to discuss personal issues. The only pain is security guard make a round and they will hush you. So to avoid this try sitting in the grass in the other corner of stadium and avoid the stairs.

2.Playground Avenue: the road between the playground avenue and acad block is the prefect night walk road. Complete route: playground avenue road > BT department road > straight ahead > MDS road > aero department road > nandini > followed by hospital and workshop path > GC. This complete road is covered with trees and generally remain free from people. [:)]

3.GC to Main gate: this is also oe of the most popular night wak road though I never liked it. Its painful to go 2.8 km to and fro. It gets the hell out of you. So if you have stamina ,try this path.

4.Vanavani school: there is branch of vanavani just infront of it , it’s a kids school. Now this sound weird but believe me this is the best place to hang out in night. Reason: benches are there to sit, no security guard issue, complete freedom to make out. [:)] . The only risk is when you have to jump the locked gate but after you are done this is the best place.

5.KV ground: it’s a good place during the evening tilll 11 pm because after security guard start making rounds. This place has benches around trees but they don’t have back support so its quite tiresome to sit there and talk. But yeah a good lonely place far from people.

6.Library: this is the favourite place for first years but seniors can also give it a try. Level 3 has a special section with cubicles. It’s a good place during the hot sunny day. It’s less private but better than sitting at the back gate of sharav.

7.Cs department Scholars room: this is one of the most unexplored place. It’s a room with lots of chairs and table and the best thing is its open 24 hours , I mean the whole night. The way is : BSB > take life > go to 2nd floor > take a left turm > enter into CS department > take a right > go straight. You will find the place. Most of the time you will find the room locked but if you just hold one gate and push other it will open. And yeah remember to take some books with you while going there.

8.Workshop roof: this is a risky place to go but one of the best places I have ever seen. There is ladder going to roof which you will find when you towards nandini from the road going straight from BSB. Just look for security guard and once you are above, it’s a nice thrilling experience.

9.BT department roof: I haven explored this place but I have heard its also awesome sitting on 7th floor roof top. Try it on your own risk.

10.the road behind aero department : this is the most horrific , most thrilling road. Lots of security breaches will lead you there but once you are there , you will experience the most thrilling experience of your life. Recommended for the daring dates.

11.Benches : these are list of some of the benches in the Insti where you can sit and talk peacefully : sangam ground, between post office and Vanavani and in front of BT department.

Disclaimer : the person should go at its own risk. The writer is not inspiring you to explore but sharing his knowledge. The person will be solely responsible for his action by himself.

PS: there are tonnes of mosquitoes at these places so preferably take odomos with you [:)]


Vikas Shenoy said...

Ha ha ha.

Bahut mast hai. You missed OAT.

Prateek Raj said...

This is an interesting piece of information about IITM. hehe

Abhishek said...

Ok. nice.
Now, we need the sequel. "Insti Dating Guide#2 - Where to find a girl to date at all these places"

pratikguptaiitm said...

@vikas: i was expecting you to add soething [:P]

@abhishek : now thats a really really tough question...but i suppose gay couples can also enjoy these places...i dont know much abt this though :)

naren krishna said...

CS research room is used for Research work and not for couples to Re-Search themselves...

It must be renamed to "Safe places in IITM to have sex (during nights)" and not dating.

Psaffy said...

gay couples have something called the hostels.. and you forgot areas around sac.. :)
i have no experience in making out with women but i have explored these places for fun and photography.. :)