Monday, March 23, 2009

Toast to deepak mathur.[CE05B008]

let me tell you a amusing story about two people.

It’s about Mr. D and Mr. V. it dates back to the year 1998 something. Mr. d saw Mr. V in school. It was the love at first sight. But as in all cases, both of them were reluctant to say its relationship.

They put the tag friendship on it. The things start flourishing between them. Both of them have nothing in common but as it goes love is blind. So it was. They decided the same career path. Both joined the same coaching institute Resonance.

They used to share everything. From books to notes, from vehicles sharing to knowledge sharing. They were inseparable. Now Mr V was my good friend in those times and that when I got the chance to see this beautiful relationship.

Both D and V has their share of differences but nothing came between them. V got selected in JEE in 2004 and came to IIT madras. The long distance was not able to do anything. But it made Mr. D more committed to clear JEE which he finally did in 2005 and guess what came to IIT madras.

Hostels were different, branches were different, years were different but as I say nothing can…..anyways I have seen them sitting in the sangam ground, in front of mess holding each other hand, at gurunath, sitting beneath the dark sky, looking into each other eyes, sharing the lives and thoughts together. Madras gave them the confidence to come openly about their ‘Friendship’.

I sincerely wish them happy life ever after. Here I toast to the most amazing ‘Friendship’ I have ever seen. [:)]

PS: V is Vivek Nigam. An alma Mater of IIt madras, narmada hostel, Chemical Branch, 2008 passout.


nimit said...

I guessed Mr. V before the list line of the post... all I can say about this r'ship is "Bahut Yaarana Lagta Hai!" :D