Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Taliban’s/ Al Qaeda’s sociology/economics

I have got this very good friend. Lately he has got insane and started talking about weird thoughts. Last evening he told me that he want to go on a hunting trip in a jungle where instead of people, it will be Gults (Andhraites….sorry guys! It’s his views). Then this led to the topic on terrorism and I told him that I want to do a 3 months intern in one of the most famous/profitable/globalized group that exist today ie Taliban.

I want to see what all these people do?

How they do?

Why they do?

I want to study the group’s culture/ economics. We discussed it for a long time. Here some points of discussions:

1. They surely play Live Counter strike and at the end of the Day person with the Maximum count is given the ‘Man of the day’ award. The count is like:
General person – 1 point
Indian – 2 Point
American/ British – 3 point
Cricketer/Politician – 5 points

2. They will catch one person and cut his hand. Make a video and upload on youtube. The person whose links get the maximum hits is the winner.

3. The expert of the bombing devices is called geek/nerd.

4. They fantasize about killing barrack Obama/ Sangkara etc during their best of the dreams.

5. Its such a big organized established working group. Let’s invite them for placements in IIT. They will surely pay better than Fucking Mu-Sigma (3.3 Lpa)

6. I am planning to apply as a financial advisor for the group in future. My aim will be to make this group Public limited.

Anyways I am seriously amazed by the management running such a group. These people should be called in IIMs to give lectures. My idea is give them a public recognition and trust me guys they will not do anything close to terrorism. A person is most afraid of loosing his public image. This is the greatest fear. Let’s put this into them.


horizon said...

GODLY WRITTEN ......!!!!no comments yet ....people surely dont like u flying .....u have painted the wall with all the colours one can find .....GR8 work .....!!!!

pratikguptaiitm said...

whoaa!! thanks dude :)

bulby said...

Sorry dude...but your post kind of sucked. (As compared to the ground-breaking 'Insti dating guide', that was really awesome)