Friday, March 13, 2009

Sachin fanaticism

Its 2.00 clock in night and I have just finished watching sachin 5 innings back to back. CB series final I & II, Sharjah Final 1998, Sharjah Qualifier match 1998 and the latest one 163 off 133 balls.

Believe me, there is nothing better than watching sachin play. I have tried everything and I literally mean everything in my life and trust me, nothing is anywhere close to it. Any day I will choose watching sachin over sex, dope, movie, music, fart …..

I believe this cricket + sachin fanaticsm is in my blood. My dad is the biggest sachin fan in the world I have ever seen. So many times I have seen him bunking office. Every time sachin hits century, my dad calls me and we congratulate each other, discuss the inning and update our statistics. I used to have a graffiti notebook completely dedicated to sachin. After I came to IIT, the notebook is still updated and the task has being done by my dad.

Its not only my dad, my whole family is crazy for cricket. I have got cousins who had broken their bed by jumping after India – Pakistan world cup 1996 match. Even all my uncle, aunts and infact my grandfather is a big cricket fan. I still have the fond memories of the day when none of our family members were allowed to move from their positions when sachin is batting or the match is in crucial stage. I remember one incident when India- SA match were going and it was in very crucial stage and my uncle came to out place for watching the final over. But since nobody was allowed to move he stood outside from complete last 5 overs. Though we were shouting and giving him the updates regularly but none of us dared to leave our places.

I really miss those days watching cricket with the whole family in one room. But anyways I am thankful to god that I am in the company of the same intense fans of cricket over here in IIT. All my friends, we bunk classes, miss grub, miss the afternoon nap or any damn thing and watch cricket. I have spend countless nights with my friends discussing/ googling/ wiking sachin statistics.

But lately I am loosing my interest in cricket and its just sachin which interests me. I hope things will change and I will start enjoying the whole match again.

PS: I bunked my school for the first time in Seventh grade after lunch hours just to watch sachin completing his century. I still remember he got out somewhere in 80’s. Damn!! Infact Double Damn!!


Abhishek said...

Gawd only!

avinash said...

"But lately I am loosing my interest in cricket and its just sachin which interests me"
shady dude ;)

Anshul said...

nice one!!btw u 've lost interest in many things after coming here :).cricket being one of them..


shake hands.... i also never tolerated any criticism of sachin in front of me. many times i quarreled.

pratikguptaiitm said...

@avinash : i just said that to myself and i really dont sound right...anyways good observation.

@anshul: are you refering studies???? be clear macha.

@narain: long live sachin !!