Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swearing maestros

As i told you that i was a beginner in the field of swearing but i met some people who already got masters in this field.It was the company of these people which helped me grow personally in this field. These people have done extensive and unique research in this field. Few to mention:

Sumedh: One of the most innovative mind in this field. He came up with a concept of hindi + English mix swearing words. The best of which is betifuck.

Sajal: He concentrated his research on 1 particular swear and tried to test various pronunciation and their effect on the people. Finally he came up with the best pronunciation of the words like ‘B0***di ke

Anshul: This person hail from the most backward town on earth so he introduced the lost old regional culture into this field. His specialty is very simple yet effective words like ‘Kutte ke pille

Rajat: He introduced the concept of the words half left like ‘ Madar...’. This was a unique approach since it didn’t hurt the other person and also conveys your feeling

Anyways I have been quite lucky living my life along with all these experts. I am right now just copying these people , but I am still hoping that I will be like them someday.


JUMPER said...

HAHA...!!! That's inspirational... esp the english+hindi one...

Tangerine said...

personally i can't swear.. no matter how hard i try i can't.
i m just weird that way ;)

Abhishek said...

Some people just can't take swearing at any level. But, why the f*ck should I care? ;)